Politics Unlocked is a political and social interest blog, led by Will Stent. We aim to discuss political and social issues or events that are, for whatever reason, not getting the attention they deserve.

Articles posted are based on fact and evidence, and are fully supported by references and relevant available information. If we’re not doing this, please let us know.


Will Stent is a freelance writer and political analyst. He believes that the government should work in the best interests of as many people as it can, and that government should ultimately be an open and transparent force of good. He is pro-democracy, pro-gender equality, pro-NHS, pro-immigration, pro-voting reform. He is against austerity and against the elitism that still runs deep in culture of political decision-making in the UK. Finally, he is also working toward his 8th Pokémon Gym Badge.

He can be contacted via Twitter, @willstent52, and email, willstent52@gmail.com.


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