Related Links

This page contains links to key reports, materials and sites either relevant to articles written by this blog, or important and beneficial reading in their own right.


  • ‘Patients not Profits; How Markets Dehumanise Health’ – by David Gilbert, author of the blog A Better NHS, dealing with the way in which corporatization of health care has a directly negative effect on ensuring the interests of patients are guaranteed to be the main factor in care decision-making.
  • What Are We to Think? – blog written by Charlotte Griffiths; focuses on analysing public and social policy and mainstream thought in the UK.#


This sub-section is a space for information that is not necessarily linked to specific posts of this blog, but is important or worthwhile to our wider ways of thinking.

  • ‘Redefining Happiness’ – a short video by Jay Shetty, on redefining the way think and judge what it means to be ‘successful’ and how we should think of happiness.